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Tenho’s kitchen now offers catering services!

We provide catering in the familiar Tenho style – our food is easy, surprising, high quality and always made with respect regarding the ingredients. Our kitchen is fresh, enthusiastic and dedicated. We dislike waste, underwhelming and “no can do”. We love challenges, new ideas, wild herbs and seasonal products. We are specialized in vegan cuisine, and can also cater to other dietetic needs.    

Here are a few example menus. We can also tailor menus specific to Your palates and needs. We deliver to venues, work places, home and even to picnics, if needed!

Menu One

Serrano ham and fig on crostini (L)

Chile marinated prawn and grilled pineapple (L,G)

Pear and Manchego cheese on crostini (L)

Green salad and red wine vinaigrette (L,G)

Potato salad with olives and tomatoes (V, G)

Chickpea and couscous salad with fruits (V)

Orange cake

Menu Two

Pike slider (L)

Reindeer and horseradish crème fraîche on crispbread (L)

Finnish egg cheese and cranberry marmalade on crostini

Green salad and red wine vinaigrette (LL,G)

Tomato and onion salad (V,G)

Shrimp and potato salad with leeks vinaigrette (L, G)

Berry tartelette (L)

Menu Three (Vegan)

Roasted Jerusalem artichoke and beetroot hummus with malt loaf

Potato, leek and chickpea pie with mint sweet pea purée (G)

Fava bean slider

Green salad with leeks vinaigrette (G)

Couscous salad with fruits and peanuts

Tomato and bean salad (G)

Zucchini cake with fresh pear


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