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Vegan platter (V) - Seitan salami, sweet pumpkin, chick peas, roasted tomatoes, olives and nuts. Served with house focaccia.
10,00 €

Roasted potatoes (G,L) - Alioli, ketchup
7,00 €

Country style salad (L,G) - Roasted potatoes, bacon, avocado, haricots, aioli (contains egg).
13,00 €

Goat cheese salad (G,VL) - Salad with fried goat cheese, avocado and pickled red onion.
13,00 €

Overcooked Lamb (L,G) - Side of lamb cooked overnight seasoned with sage, served with apple-lery purée, seasonal vegetables and red wine sauce. (Contains celery, carrot)
19,00 €

Pan fried Cod (L,G) - Fried fresh cod served with apple-celery purée, roasted tomatoes, seasonal vegetables and fennel sauce. (Contains fennel, carrot)
19,00 €

BLT (L) - Classic sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and Dijon mayonnaise. Served with roasted potatoes. (Contains mustard seed)
15,00 €

Tenho Hamburger (VL) - Iberian pork secreto, Dijon mayonnaise, pickled red onion. House brioche bun. Served with roasted potatoes. (Contains mustard seed, egg)
16,00 €

Tofu Burger (V) - Marinated tofu, Asian slaw, chili and avocado mayonnaise. Served with roasted potatoes. (Contains sesame, soy)
15,00 €

Tofu 'n chips (V) - Deep fried tofu, roasted potatoes, pea purée and remoulade. (Contains soy)
12,00 €


Mozza (VL) - Buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, parmesan, black pepper
13,00 €

Spinacchio (V) - Pea purée, spinach, rucola, sugar snaps, asparagus, walnut, lemon oil and black pepper.
13,00 €

Blue cheese flambée (VL) - Crème fraiche, roasted pumpkin, rucola, walnut, black pepper, blue cheese.
14,00 €

Beef brisket (VL) - Pulled brisket, rucola, chili, lime mayonnaise and black pepper.
15,00 €

Teriyaki Chicken (VL) - Teriyaki chicken, chili, coriander, lime mayonnaise and black pepper. (Contains sesame oil)
15,00 €

Scampi (VL) - Scamp, pineapple, coriander, black pepper, Togarashi mayonnaise (Japanese chili mayo)
15,00 €

Smoked salmon (VL) - Cold smoked salmon, rucola, fennel, pickled red onion, chives, dill mayonnaise and black pepper.
15,00 €

- Pizza dough contains soy milk -

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